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Romantic Bath Set of 6 Bath Bombs

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Bath Bombs contain essential oils and butter that are good for your skin and help balance the skin, making it brighter and more vibrant. It also relieves stress, relaxes the mind and has aromatherapy properties.

While bathing with one bath bomb, the charming scent will be spread around you, you will clearly smell a strong and clean aroma. The aroma will stay on your skin. Even if you’ve left the tub for a long time, your body will still carry a fascinating aroma.

With its iridescent colour and unique aroma, everyone will be attracted to the funny bath bombs and have a growing love of baths. As an adult, you can also feel as relaxed and happy.

Our bath bombs are free from artificial colours, you won’t get any stains on your skin, and the foam and colour won’t linger on the surface of your bathtub. All you need to do is flush your bathtub again with clean water.

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