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TODO Power Weight Bench

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Get the most out of your weight lifting session with this Power Weight Bench. The weight bench is designed to help facilitate a number of exercises that give a whole body work out. This Weight Bench is very sturdy and reliable, adding variety to your workout, especially your weight lifting program. This heavy duty weight bench allows you to perform upper and lower body workouts and incorporate dumbbells to hit your goals of muscle building and maintenance. It is also an excellent model for core exercises such as twists and crunches

Soul Fit Multi-functional Ultimate Core and Waist Workout Machine

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The original award-winning abs workout machine – for over 10 years, the ab coaster has been used in millions of homes around the world to change lives from the core!
This multi-funcional machine targets and burns stubborn abdominal fat, slims and strengthens your waist, as well as your hands, exercises your pectoral muscles, builds your leg muscles.

Get a complete core workout – target hard-to-reach lower abs with bottom-up motion. The freestyle swivel seat allows you to turn and work on your core abdominal muscles, and troublesome love handles!

Perfect for in-home use – the sleek design easily allows it to fit in a compact space. Easy assembly and detailed instructions will have you set up in minutes.

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